Top 10 Most Beautiful Roses In The World

2. Black Baccara

At first look, the Black Baccara look like a large, beautiful black rose. But it is not at all a black rose. Actually, the unique velvet texture of its petals has a strong resemblance with the black color. Black Baccara is also renowned among the rose lovers for its near black color. Each flower opens 4 inches across and contains up to 45 petals.

The Black Baccara rose can be a great addition to your garden and display shows. You will need to choose a location with full Sun exposure to plant this rose. For the healthy growth of Black Baccara, make sure you plant it in a well-drained soil. The shining, velvet colored flowers will appear from spring through fall.

Additional Info

Class : Hybrid tea.
Flower color : Velvet.
Blooming : Spring through fall.
Caring : Full Sun exposure, mild watering and pruning.