Top 10 Most Beautiful Roses In The World

7. Red Eden


The Red Eden is an amazing climbing rose with large, old-fashioned bright red flowers. A single blossom of a Red Eden has an average diameter of 5 inches and it contains up to 110 petals. The Red Eden roses are also one among the best-scented roses in the world. It spread intense, mild classic rose fragrance.

Red Eden is a healthy and a continual blooming rose plant. This beautiful climbing rose suited well for the fences. The caring for Red Eden rose is pretty simple. The plant needs full Sun and moderate watering. You should also prune the plant before the leaves coming out. The blooming of Red Eden rose will start in the spring and continues until the end of summer.

Additional Info

Category : Climbing.
Flower type : Fully double.
Flower color : Bright red.
Blooming season : Spring through summer.
Caring : Fully sun, moderate watering and pruning before the growth of leaves.