10 Most Beautiful Butterflies In The World

7. Eighty Eight Butterfly

The beautiful eighty eight butterfly or diaethria clymena native to South and Central America. They are named after the black and white stripes on their underwing that outline the number ‘eighty eight’. The same numbering found in 12 different species of diaethria butterfly.

But the coloring and pattern slightly differs across the species. The upperside of eighty eight butterfly’s wings are black and band of blue and green also appears on their forewings. The underside of their wings have attractive black markings on white and red. The thickness and brightness of the black markings are also varies among different species of eighty eight butterfly.

The eighty eight butterflies are found in small and large group in accordance with circumstances. The active butterflies are also found in human habitations. They also like to rest on rock faces and mineral rich soil. They laid the eggs on leaves of trema plants. The larvaes also feed on the leaves of the host plant. The adult eighty eight butterfly has a wingspan of 35-40 mm. Eighty eight butterflies mainly feed on rotten fruits.