10 Most Beautiful Butterflies In The World

8. Peacock Pansy

The peacock pansy butterflies are recognized by their striking eyespots. The fascinating butterflies are native to South Asian countries. The upperside of peacock fansy’s wings are yellowish brown in color with brown edges. There are also distinct costal bars and attractive ‘peacock eyespots’ on the wings. The eyespots on the lower part of the wings become more prominent and attractive.

The patterns on underside peacock pansy’s wing’s changes with season. Unlike dry season more brightfull patterns and eyespots form on the wings in wet season. Compare to upperside the costal bars on the edges of underside of their wings are appears to be dull and less attractive.

It takes 3 – 5 days to hatch the eggs of peacock pansy. The leaves of host plant become main food of caterpillars. It also takes another 5-6 days for development as a butterfly from pupa. The adult peacock pansy has a wingspan between 54-62 mm. They mainly prefers to live in gardens and open areas.