The 15 Coolest Things Coming To Us Cities In 2017

Cincinnati, Ohio

Underground brewing history gets a high-tech urban beer tour.

Though it’s no Milwaukee (who is, really?) Cincinnati has some of the richest brewing heritage of any US city. Finally the town has put together a Brewing Heritage Trail that’ll stand against any beer tour in America. It takes visitors through the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood, once a hub for German immigrants to the city, and through historic old breweries and down into the bowels of Cincinnati to the tunnels and cellars brewers used generations ago.

You like drinking? You like history? You like tech toys? Well then get you to Bengals country, fella. On the tour you’ll download an app that walks you through 2.3 miles of city streets, from Over-the-Rhine to Pendleton to Downtown, with narration from different characters from the area’s rich 19th-century brewing culture — beer barons, brewery workers — making the experience unique wherever you stop. Along the way you’ll find new public art and storefronts equipped with interactive screens to display images and maps of the city in its beery heyday.