The 15 Coolest Things Coming To Us Cities In 2017

Houston, Texas

Super Bowl 51 brings an explosion of building to the city core.

The biggest American city that everyone manages to forget is getting harder and harder to ignore. With February’s Super Bowl headed to town, Houston’s turning the area around the convention center, dubbed Avenida Houston, into America’s biggest new shopping and dining destination.

The city is also vastly expanding its bike-share program, which you can use to visit the newly renovated Emancipation Park, the new $25 million downtown Community Arts Complex, or the 20-acre North Houston Bike Park, opening in fall. Not far away in Todd Mission, the first Middlelands music festival will rock three days of cross-genre artists, four nights of camping, and large-scale art installations.

And that’s just what’s new in Houston. In the past decade, while America was fawning every time Austin built a crosswalk, Houston quietly opened three new sports stadiums, expanded its museum district to a total of 19, and started a place where you can pay $20 to beat the living snot out of office equipment for five minutes. That alone oughta be enough to get you on a plane to H-Town where, oh yeah, it also just dropped $150 million to upgrade its OFF airport at Hobby.