The 15 Coolest Things Coming To Us Cities In 2017

Santa Fe, New Mexico

An anticipated Steve Jobs opera premieres, with tailgating.

Fine arts everywhere could take a cue from Santa Fe, where going to the opera means showing up hours before the sunset showtime and tailgating like it’s Lambeau South. This year’s main attraction is the summer world premier of an opera about Apple’s late founder, called The (R)evolution of Steve Jobs. Look for it to pull in a younger-than-average opera crowd; its composer, Mason Bates, is a DJ best known for his synthesizer and electronica music.

Also in Santa Fe, Game of Thrones creator George R.R. Martin has been instrumental in creating «The House of Eternal Return,» a trippy, neon, walkable art installation in an old bowling alley that, in the words of the city’s promoters, «tells the story of a suburban family that’s been hit by a break in the space-time continuum, and who now must navigate a series of wormholes attached that transport visitors into alternate dimensions. 135 artists were involved in creating 70 distinct and immersive spaces, a 300-person music venue, a video game arcade, tree houses, an interactive cave system and more.»

Add to that the annual Burning of Zozobra in September, a wine and chile fiesta, and a green chile cheeseburger smackdown, and Santa Fe is looking like the best spot to hit in 2017 for pure, unbridled creativity.