11 Best Countries For Americans To Hit By The End Of 2016

The United Kingdom

Why you should go: You’ve read enough books and seen enough movies filmed here – think Harry Potter, Star Wars, James Bond – to feel like you’ve been, even if you’ve never visited. But there’s no substitute, no matter how eloquent or well-shot, to replace the feeling of wandering through those accumulated centuries of culture, of Roman historical remains, of football-mad mayhem, of pubs full of eccentrics who are genuinely happy to see you walk in the door.

Why you should go right now: Thanks to the earthquake that was the Brexit referendum, the pound is scraping all-time lows against the dollar. In short, the whole UK is on sale. With United and Virgin offering cross-Atlantic round trips for as little as $400 (let’s not even mention WOW air), you’re not going to get a better invitation. So make the most of the British summertime to catch an outdoor music festival or some open-air Shakespeare. Britain’s beyond the age of “bangers and mash;” the recent few years of considering itself a part of the continent has raised its standards beyond the provincial. So expect all the amenities of a modern European state – even if it won’t be one for much longer.