Top 11 Best Cities In America For Street Art

Las Vegas, Nevada

Most people wouldn’t really consider Las Vegas to be much of a hub for street art, what with that fact that the casinos generally frown upon people painting on their walls, but murals have been a big part of Downtown Las Vegas culture for awhile, and there has recently been a flurry of new murals that have gone up with the 2013 launch of the Life is Beautiful music, food, and arts festival.

This energy has diffused into other parts of Vegas, including — brace yourselves — the Strip, with the Linq outdoor shopping and entertainment development (built in what was once an alleyway between the Flamingo and the Imperial Palace-cum-Quad-cum-Linq Hotel) partnering with local arts collective the I.S.I. Group to create a series of murals along the walls, all the way down to the High Roller «observation wheel» at the end. The Clark County Parks & Rec Department has also been leading an effort to pretty up the utility boxes that litter the landscape through their ZAP program, hiring artists to cover the otherwise unsightly boxes in murals.