15 Countries You Should Visit Before You Die


Why to go when you’re young: With over half of its population under the age of 25, this fledgling country is the youngest in Europe in more ways than one.
Where to head first: Spend a few days in its chaotic capital, Pristina, before hitting the road to explore the scenic hinterland.

Though the name may still recall images of paratroopers and green-tinged night-vision footage, Kosovo today is a nation eagerly anticipating the future. The somber melancholy that shades its Balkan neighbors seems subdued here, despite their shared history. In its place is a refreshing youthful exuberance that still feels out of place in Southeastern Europe.

Nowhere is this optimism more apparent than in Pristina, the ramshackle capital, where each night crowds of partiers hit the streets with gusto. The surprise? The EU’s keen interest in all things Kosovar has prompted adventurous do-gooders from all over the continent to descend on the capital, resulting in a thriving expat scene for such a small country. Yet why wouldn’t there be? Local use of the euro removes the uncertainty and math from even the latest-hour drink orders, not that you have much to worry about — you’ll be hard-pressed to pay more than €1.50 (~$1.50) for a beer no matter how fancy you’re feeling. That late-night kebab will set you back a whole €1, and even a meal in a nice restaurant is unlikely to range into the double digits.

What really distinguishes the Kosovar people is their enthusiasm for all things American. Thanks to the American intervention in the ’90s that resulted in their independence, they adore Yanks. Skeptical? Take a stroll down George Bush St, hang a left on Bill Clinton Blvd, and keep your eyes peeled for the statue of Slick Willie himself: one hand serenely raised, eternally surveying the country he helped bring into existence.

source: thrillist.com